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The real failure is the one who never tries.

"Words of inspiration from the believer at heart".

It’s time to commit to all your dreams and desires, all your goals.

Stop hesitating, ruminating, and second-guessing.

Don't let self-doubt drag you back.

Stop waiting for the right moment or the right sign.

Stop wondering about what could be, or what if, and go find out.

The resistance you are feeling may be strong,

but it is wrong......

resistance tells you it is keeping you safe,

but in fact, it is really keeping you small.

Resistance stands in the way of your growth,

your expansion, and the actualization of your full potential and

only you can make the choice between believing the resistance

or overcoming it and breaking through.

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work,

who felt their own creative power restive and uprising

and gave it neither power nor time.

Mary Oliver – Poet

The way I see it, “Creative work” is something every single one of us does.

Creative work is any action related to how we express ourselves in the world and expand into our potential.

How you live your life is the most creative act.

If you think about it ... what is worse, trying, or living life with regret that you never even tried?

The biggest failure is not the person who gives it a shot and its flops,

but the biggest failure is the one who never tries.

You cannot control the outcomes, but decide if your dreams

matter enough to try.

Screw the resistance and fuck the fear of failure.

Every day you are either drifting away from your dreams or you are charging toward them.

So, what are you going to do today? It's your choice.

Rise above the din of resistance.

Choose your potential and find the courage to commit.

Lace-up your boots,

Pick up your tools and get moving,

because it's time!

B. Bazaar


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