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Welcome to Debs travel blog.

Welcome to my blog
Welcome to my blog

Hi there. I'm Deb. Welcome to the beginning. My first blog page. The first time at writing!

After endless research about setting up a page for blogging and how to create and write blogs. About how to present and express yourself. I kept coming to the same conclusion. I can only really be me. Tell it how it is and keep it real. I really could not imagine writing it any other way. Would that be boring for people? I would like to think not. Certainly not those who feel the passion for travel, adventure, and inspiration in the same way I do.

So, what makes up me? My greatest achievement and gift are being a mum. I love nursing and it is what I have always done in one form or another. I am fifty-something. I am blessed to live in the Northern rivers in this amazing rural hipster town that is my home. I am an inexperienced solo traveler.

I had never really ventured too far from home, only taking a couple of small trips to Bali. As it seems a lot of us do. But these small trips gave me insight and opened my eyes to life. They gave me the desire to want to immerse myself in these new cultures, traditions, lifestyles, religions, foods and so much more. Meeting people so similar but also so very different. To look at life outside what really has been like my bubble. I found it intriguing to hear their stories of life.

I kept setting a date to leave but it never felt like the right time to go one way or another. Then it became more often that I would question my intentions. What if I don't do it now or wait too long? What if I can't do it later? Will it ever happen and become one of my biggest regrets? I am always preaching the importance of living life for today. So while procrastinating and trying to stop my ever-doubtful mind, I decided the time was now. As I had always wished to have done in the past I completed my TESOL course. Teaching English to students of a foreign language and as soon as it was done, I was ready. I packed up my life. I spent time with those whom I love, and like that, I was off!!

And as fast as I managed to describe it as my amazingly beautiful life unfolding, it all came to a screaming Covid halt! A pandemic! Really? And like that the world closed its borders. We could have never imagined this would be written into the itinerary of so many.

So please let me share with you my travels so far to give you an understanding of who I am and of the ventures I have already had on my initial solo travels. Many of my travels to date are not always so much as to be mind-blowing destinations or even adrenaline-packed adventures but those of simple wandering. Of learning, enjoying, and taking it all in. Of doing what you thought you could not. I would love nothing more to inspire. That you can travel as a novice or travel solo. You can travel at any age as long as that desire is there. You can jump right out of that comfort zone. And those things you said you could never do. You can, and you should!

I hope you will stay with me and come join me in the next adventures that will soon follow. If perhaps you wish to travel but cannot for whatever reason that may be, then I hope you will adventure a little with me through my blog. Let's do this!

"I have not seen everywhere but it is on my list!"

- Susan Sontag


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