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A little about me 

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Hi there, I am Deb and I welcome you to my website. I am a proud mum and I have l worked lifelong as a nurse. I am crazy about animals and passionate about protecting our planet and especially our oceans. I am the creator of Debs natural wax wraps.  I am blessed to live in a hipster little town on the northern rivers and I am certain everyone would know this amazing town.

I am a water baby, a Sunseeker, and an adventure lover. Give me anything outdoors, new or exciting and I am in. I love surfing, walking and especially music. I am a mediocre cook and a halfhearted dancer.

I have always had a strong desire to travel and experience the world beyond our shores but it felt as though life never really allowed this to become a reality until a number of years ago. So, when the family are all happy and heading on their own life's path, I realized this was the time. I can do this, the only thing stopping me from stepping into the unknown and doing the things I had been dreaming to do, would be fear, and if I succumbed to fear would these dreams simply morph into one of my life's major regrets?

I began my travels with the intention of seeing life outside my bubble, which I had indeed become so comfortable in. I have set out to meet new people and fulfill the desire to learn about different cultures, religions, food, and all that comes with experiencing life within other countries. I had begun my travels around the islands of Indonesia and next found myself living an incredible life teaching in a school for the underprivileged H mong children in Sapa, North Vietnam. It took me to places I only imagined in the past from cruising down the Mekong Delta to the joyous occasion of being up close with the majestic elephants of Sri Lanka. I felt so proud that I was actually living my dreams and not just thinking about them.


My trip was shaken several times by unforeseen circumstances and then came the major hindrance to my dreams, hovering, unbeknown, over our heads - The pandemic. It all came to a screaming halt with the arrival of the virus which left me stranded in Vietnam, (or stranded in paradise should I say) for 7 extra months, and with a majority of that time in lockdown in a small village on the beach where eventually I returned to Australia. For the next two years, I held on tight to the dream of traveling freely once again.


So please enjoy my tales of past travels and future ventures. I hope that I, the inexperienced solo traveler will give inspiration to other women like myself to live out their dreams and that time, age, going solo, and fear need not come into consideration or stop you from living those dreams in life. Come with me on my next adventures, hoping that my stories will give those teetering on the edge of solo traveling the impetus to do it, or at least to vicariously enjoy thrills and exciting moments of my journey starting from where I left off as life finally allows us to travel again.

Why the Blogg?

After spending many hours, days, weeks, and months working hard and riding out the Pandemic. It really gave us all a lot of thinking time and for me, it was about the travels I was blessed enough to have already had, even during covid, and the desire to see so much more. I want to share my travels, past and present. Tips, advice, whatever it may be, and hopefully you will take something from my stories for yourself.   For those wishing to read, I wish to inspire you, plant a seed of thought that gets you thinking about all the things you can do and experience.  I want you to feel empowered, confident, and determined to do it. So come and enjoy this new blog, see what stories, adventures, and experiences are ahead for the inexperienced solo traveler.

Deb X

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