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Inspired by travel

Hi there. One of the main inspirations for starting this blog was indeed my first initiation to travel. I remember it so well. The fear of leaving the safety of your home country. Being so out of your comfort zone and you hardly knew a thing about flights, customs, passports and visas, only that of the past little vacations here and there. And then of course there was attempting to learn the basics of a different language. A different currency. Learning the rules of respecting each other's different cultures and religions.

I leave so early in the fear of arriving late. Running from the taxi and across the terminals, with my over packed suitcase wearing layers of clothing and my overweight boots. What was it I had forgotten? Already knowing more than half of what I have already packed would probably would not be even used. Had I organized everything before I left home? By the time I would leave my head would be spinning with an array of different scenarios.

With the anticipation of landing in another country and the moment that plane door opens you are off. Navigating your way to your bags and out of the airport as fast as you possibly can. So many gates and checkpoints to pass through. You have customs, the strong presence of security and the ever long visa lines. How easy at first to feel lost in it all.

I finally got through and shuffled across to where I would hope be the best place to stand to hail down a tuktuk. For half an hour I waited my turn. Watching people from all walks of life come and go. I was enthralled by it all. All of that the chatter and holler was surprisingly loud.

The sky was grumbling away and the storm was producing the most amazing light show. In what seemed like an instant the thunder became still and with an eerie moment the skies opened up and the rain came down. My little travel brolly lasted all of a about 2 minutes. After quite a wait and struggling to get a ride, I eventually threw my soaking wet backpack into what seemed the only stationery tuk tuk and dove in after it. I hoped that he had actually stopped for me or I had just kind of fallen in and claimed it? It was pandemonium amongst everyone!

Anyway, I was in! After an attempt at salutations with the driver and trying to dry off with the last of my saved serviettes I leaned back, took a big deep breath and I began to smile . . . Then laugh out loud!

I think from that very moment I was hooked on travel!

I was inspired. What I love about travel is the excitement of discovering new things. Each day is filled with so many new experiences and the desire to see more. The unexpected things and the priceless memories. The incredible insight you get from the local people. How much they teach you about their culture and beliefs. The history and the love of their country.

I hope I can share with you some of the wonderful things to discover along this journey. I hope to share many favorite past memories, delightful destinations, travel highlights, delicious recipes, and special photos I have collected along the way. As soon as we are blessed to be able to travel freely and with ease again, you can take the ride with me and experience many more new adventures and experiences.

See ya Straya!

. . . if you can't learn to travel comfortably alongside your fear, then you'll never be able to go anywhere interesting or do anything interesting. . .

- Elizabeth Gilbert


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