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First travel stop Bali

Island of the gods!

Bali. Indonesia
Lumbung Sari. Bali

Here we are, at the beginning of what is going to hopefully be an enormous adventure ahead.

The second that plane door opens I smell it, Instantly the waif of incense. It is the signature smell of Bali. How I love that smell!

The adrenaline kicks in as I now will take control and customs, find my luggage amongst the Denpasar madness, and most daunting is trying to leave the airport and seeing the hundreds of people at the exit gates. Hotel pick-up staff with signs, and taxi drivers everywhere all calling out to you. I clearly remember how overwhelming that was on my first visit to Bali over 15 years ago.

I have over the years been blessed to have made some very wonderful friends that I still hold close now, and sure enough as I pass the crowds and out the gates there they are. Made and Winda and their beaming big smiles, just as I remember! So great to see them again. Being a solo traveler, I cannot tell you how nice, even comforting it is to have such wonderful friendships in Bali. They are always there to help whenever they can and help if ever, I am in need. They are just amazing. I will spend a few hours with them and then onto my usual accommodation I have booked for the first two days.

Hotel Lumbung Sari in Legion is generally where I stay for a day or two when entering and exiting the island. It is close to the airport and for a fairly low price and is very clean. It has a pool, tropical gardens, beautifully decorated statues and detailed murals. There are limited rooms so it is always fairly peaceful there. The hotel staff are very chilled and helpful. My experiences there have let me believe it is a building of good structure I should mention as my past visits have been with 2 strong earthquakes, one whilst in the pool!

For many Bali is a place for healing and it was just that for my last trip. I knew that was where I needed to be at that time but this trip was different. It was about moving forward. A time for a change, not just a getaway, a little holiday but to come out of my comfort zone and live life. Find adventure. This time I will be away for a while and although I have a rough idea of the places I want to travel to, I am making up my itinerary as I go along. To see what each day may bring. To see what experiences present along the way and the people I will meet. Exciting hey!

I will stay for a few days to catch up with friends and organize my trip this week to some other islands. I plan to tick off many things I have on this list for this visit. I would especially like to climb Mt Batur for the sunrise and also to travel to see Flores. I have researched Flores, finding it to be a magnificent place with many things to see. I especially want to travel over to Komodo island to see the amazing Komodo dragons. It is one of less than five islands in the world left where you can see the Komodo dragon in the wild. I am told that over in Flores the local people are generally very friendly, kind, and always happy to help you out if they can. I have arranged to visit the Flores primary school there to see the children and I am so excited about this one! So, stay tuned for these adventures to come.


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