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Bingin Beach Life. Bali

Slice of paradise!

Wake up in your bungalow on the cliff face of Bingin Beach, overlooking the pristine blue waters and unrivaled views over the Indian Ocean. Watch the surfers riding their sunrise waves while slowly sipping your morning coffee. Can you imagine yourself here?

Bingin beach is a place I have stayed many times over the years, and I will never become complacent about the beauty and solitude that this hidden paradise delivers every time. I have been blessed to have had a lovely friendship over the years with Sticky and Nyoman and it's always such an honor to always stay with them in one of their bungalows on the cliff face.

Bingin beach is situated in the south of Bali. It is situated about 15 minutes from Jimbaran Bay. 10 minutes from the famous Pantai Padang Padang beach (You may know it from the movie, Eat, love, pray) and 15 minutes from Uluwatu beach. 5 minutes from Bingin is also Dreamland beach. By motorbike you can visit all these beaches easily.

This area has a very strong surf vibe but is not like Canggu which in my opinion is too touristy. The locals are amazing and the lifestyle here is bliss. You could make no comparison whatsoever to that of the tourist areas of Kuta, Legion and Seminyak.

There are about 6 little beachfront restaurants to hang out in with amazing food both western and Balinese. There are cocktails, beer and coconuts served on the beach by day.

Debra's famous BBQ corn!

At night the seafood BBQ restaurant sets up all its little tables and chairs along the water's edge and serves fresh seafood caught by the locals that day. You can choose from a large selection of seafood. Choose and pay by weight, they BBQ it for you and it is served with rice and delicious local vegetable on the side.

Bingin beach is renowned for its incredible waves which makes it one of the most demanding surf points for surfers in Bali and around the world. But don't be disheartened.... If you are keen to give surfing a try while you are there, Bingin beach also produces days that are perfect for those wanting to try their hand at catching a wave. Perfect for beginners in those milder conditions. You can rent a surfboard for $5 per hour including a rashie! The Board hire hut also takes professional photos while you are out catching waves. For a small fee of $5, you can purchase shots and they will be sent straight to your phone.

One important thing to remember if you're coming to Bingin is that its only access is on foot down the rocky steps. It's steep but not too difficult. I usually stay a week and you really do feel in on the legs and knees if you go up and down each day but it is worth it, definitely!

When traveling around the area of Pecuta there are many shops, eateries and funky little cafes to visit. There is generally always live music and places to dance the night away up in the Pecuta area. Keeping in mind as you party into the evening, you are going to have to head down the cliff steps in the dark so don't forget your torch. Bingin and the Pecuta areas are very safe to visit for solo female travelers with the locals being respectful, kind, and always more than willing to assist if you are in need.

A visit to Uluwatu while you're in Bingin should not be without going to Uluwatu temple to watch the stunning sunset. Be sure to wear your appropriate clothing for this visit to the temple. Motorbike hire is very accessible in the area and a bike will cost you around $8 a day.

Here are just a few suggestions when coming to visit Bingin Beach and Pecuta area: -

  • Cashew tree restaurant/cafe - Bingin

  • Little fish beach seafood restaurant-Bingin

  • Debra's delicious BBQ corn on the beach next to the seafood restaurant

  • Kelly's Warung - Bingin

  • Bingin family cafe -Bingin

  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park features the largest spiritual statue in Bali at 122 meters in height and is an amazing monument>

  • Uluwatu temple at sunset

  • Single fin, Uluwatu

  • Patai Padang Padang beach

  • Angry rock. Bingin beach

Don't forget to pick up a giant coconut from Kelly's Warung while you're there!

And don't leave your things lying around ... someone is always watching!!


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