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Tjampuhan spa, Ubud. Bali

A hidden oasis.

Beautiful Ubud, where we all seem to head when we want to relax, slow down and breathe when visiting the Island of the gods, Bali. It is an instant feeling of serenity and calmness when you arrive, A time to chill out.

Many come to Ubud for a health and wellness journey, retreats and yoga training, or simply to escape the hustling hotspots of Kuta. If you have been staying by the ocean, spending your days surfing until sunset, then Ubud is the perfect little getaway to recuperate and treat yourself.

Ubud, located within the Giyanyar regency, is very safe for solo Travellers and families alike with the local people being extremely obliging and kind. It is also the perfect place to socialize and meet other travelers. It has an array of wonderful restaurants, amazing shopping, and is in close proximity to many places of interest. Just a few are listed below. Accommodation throughout Ubud ranges from luxury hotels to small quaint homestays tucked away in idyllic locations.

Tjampuhan spa is a secret little oasis just on the outskirts of Ubud centre that I was blessed to have stumbled upon while lost, taking a wrong turn after a hike along the Campuhan Ridge Trail one morning. Admitting that I do manage to find myself lost on occasions, but it seems that this is when I find some fascinating things and places you would not expect. I would not have known about Tjamputan Hotel unless I had been walking the area aimlessly trying to find my way back. Getting a little lost is not always a bad thing.

The Tjampuhan Hotel, with its timeless landscape of natural beauty, has been a legendary hotel in Ubud since 1928. As a royal guesthouse, it inspired many foreign artists and painters.

The hotel offers the very essence of Balinese hospitality and the environment remains untouched by the passing hands of time. Overlooking the Gunung Lembah Temple and built where the two sacred Rivers Oos and Tjampuhan meet.

I have enjoyed several visits over the years and never has there been more than a few people at the spa at one time. I imagine those who pass by the Tjampuhan Hotel are not aware that the spa is open to all, not only hotel Guests. It was only as I wandered in to take a look and this amazing hotel that I was made aware that the spa was indeed open, so with that, this is where the rest of that perfect day was spent.

The spa is situated at the base of the valley just meters away from the natural splendor of the river flow, dedicated to the therapeutic properties of water. Consisting of several open-air pavilions. There is a sauna house, 2 outdoor pools and the hot/cold water jacuzzi created within a mythical stone caven. You can see a cheeky aspect within this magnificent carved stone and its statue's gestures which I was even surprised to see while relaxing in the warm clear waters of the jacuzzi.

The spa offers an extensive range of Balinese healing treatments, relaxing massage or flower/ herbal baths in the picturesque, natural surrounds.

Slip away for a facial while relaxing along the river's edge, listening to the array of wildlife and then ending the day with a healthy lunch on the day beds by the stone carved outdoor pool. For a mere $20 you can take the entire day here not only utilizing the spa, sauna and pool but tailoring your day as you desire by incorporating some of the other spa treatments they have to offer. I tried the warm oil and flower bath perched on the valley edge and it was spa experience difficult to top

The drive to the spa is gorgeous, winding through the lush green forest and along the rice terraces. It would take you about 10 minutes from the Ubud center and a Grab bike would cost you $5 to get to the spa. It is easily accessible by car but it's unfortunate to have no wheelchair access.

It's not easy to put into words to describe just how incredible this hidden gem is but may I suggest when visiting Ubud, the Tjampuhan spa should be high up on the list of 'best places to visit'.

“Peace is liberty in tranquility.”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Places of interest while in Ubud.

- Walk or ride the stunning Campuhan Ridge Trail.

- The holy springs of Tirta Empul. The sacred Water Temple.

- Climb Mount Batur on a sunrise trek adventure.

- Visit the stunning Elephant cave.

- Tegallalang rice terraces.

- The exhilarating Ubud jungle swing and jungle tree nests.


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