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Oeschinenesee - Switzerland

Alps and Alpine lakes!


Spending time in Switzerland could never be dull, with its abundance of attractions and activities to entice anyone at any fitness level. There are magnificent castles to explore, and enjoy the many charming Swiss traditions. Visit the Rhine falls, take a cruise along Lake Geneva or jump on board the Eiger Express and travel up to Jungfraujoch to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss alps. It's hikers' heaven, and of course they go to place to hit the slopes.

Chateau de Chillon. Lake Geneva

There was a long list of things to do and places I wanted to visit while in Switzerland and having my Swiss friend join me on many adventures made it even more perfect.

The weekend trip to Oeschinensee, one of Switzerland's most beautiful lakes, situated 1583 mts above sea level, was incredible. The lake looks just as a painting, with its vibrant turquoise waters, surrounded by lush forests and ice capped mountains. It was a place I had never experienced while travelling and certainly a day that will never to be forgotten.

We took the train from Zurich to arrive in the small town of Kandersteg, a 2-hour train journey from Zurich that I would highly recommend, giving you the opportunity to sit back and really take in the stunning countryside, rivers and Alps.

From Kandersteg you can reach Oeschinensee by riding the gondola 2 km up the mountain for $30, which is quite affordable in comparison to other Swiss mountains, and I recommend organizing all tickets online prior to arriving just to keep it simple. The walk up is an easy 2 km or you can choose the gondola up and the picturesque walk down as we did.

The area around Oeschinensee is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage Site and when arriving at the lake, I was astonished at what I seen before me. Simply breathtaking, and I can still hear the wonderful symphony of sound coming from the forest, the traditional Treichel (cow bell).

There is an array of activities to enjoy such as hiking, boating, fishing, or chilling with a picnic on the rocky beaches and taking in the spectacular scenery.

We packed a bundle of cheese, bread and meat for a picnic lunch by the water, laying down a rug on a large flat rock, enjoying everything about this place. We spent 3 divine hours taking that moment.

There are also many hikes at different levels to choose from but my favorite is the Panoramic Trail high above the lake, giving you an amazing bird's eye view. I suggest having both experiences, from the top to the bottom of Oeschinensee.

Photo by Boomers daily

For that extra adrenaline rush, enjoy one of Switzerland's best views and hop on the mountain coaster for a whole new experience.

Photo by Wiki

The higher you scale the mountain, the more magnificent the views become.

The path is quite steep with uneven terrain and loose rocks, so you need to be very mindful of your footing. It is best to avoid this path with the kids as there are no protective rails and it is a very long way down.

If you're up to it, you can hike over to the Blümlisalp mountain hut which is a 5-hour hike from Kandersteg, but not for the faint hearted!

This path is for more experienced hikers, a good fitness level and boots designed for this type of hiking. 100% worth it all when you reach the top and take it all in, experience the thrill of staying overnight when the snow begins to fall.

After a day of hiking Oeschinensee, it would have been difficult to leave without taking a refreshing dip in these iridescent blue waters and knowing how freezing cold the water was going to be in the lake, I did not want to miss this opportunity.

After warming myself by sprinting up the hill in the sun, down I ran and into the ice water of Oeschinen lake. That was the coldest water I had ever submersed myself in, and within 2 seconds I was out, running on water to get out. Only 2 seconds, but I did it!

I felt so safe and very welcome travelling around this beautiful country, the people are friendly enough, but yes, it is very expensive!

You won't see yourself spending the afternoon by the lake having too many Hugo's in Switzerland!

'Make your life a mission'

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