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Happy New Year - Hello 2024!

A colourful new year decoration of gold stars and red lanterns in Vietnam

2023 - 2024

You were a very big year!

Celebrating New Year. Chinese New year. woman with a person in a monkey suit.

Illustration of coloured fireworks

May I ...

Get fit

Practice more mindfulness

Enjoy more nature times

An illuminous christmas tree and new year lights and decorations

Always reflect on gratitude

Make more time to surf

Tidy up my emails

Cutting a tradition Greek cake for New year.

Drink more water

Not take on board the actions of others

Buy a plane ticket

Walk a Camino with my favorite daughter

See my investments flourish, and my lotto balls fall.

Cheers! 2 coctail classes with olives

May I ...

Know true love

Publish that book

Learn to paint

Live my most meaningful life

Leave my job

Travel the world

Never return

Best wishes for 2024 🎉

May the year bring you all love, good health, peace, and happiness.

Deb x

A Prayer for Peace in Gaza

Pray for all those in Palestine and Israel caught up in the bombing of Gaza and rocket attacks aimed at Israel. Pray particularly for the children and those who were trapped in the rubble. Those injured and those who cannot sleep at night for fear. Give them rest and a dreamless sleep. Pray for those with the power to break the cycle of violence. Soften their hearts and minds. Pray to help them to make wise decisions in the face of these enormous challenges.

Illustration of a daisy

Happy New Year




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