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Dragon Bridge, Danang Vietnam

Experience the iconic Dragon Bridge

The Giant Dragon Bride crossing the Ha River. Vietnam

Time spent living in Vietnam is always amazing, especially in Hoian, where I spent a good part of my days in a small village on the beach in Cam An. Having travelled to many places in Vietnam, from the Ha Giang Pass in the North to Phan Thiet in the South and I'm still always amazed at the beauty Vietnam has to offer, from its picturesque landscapes to the kindness and resilience of these admirable people. A few days to escape the small village was always a pleasure, a getaway to the big city.

Just 40 minutes from Hoi An, is Da Nang. A bustling city running along the magnificent coastline of the East Sea of Vietnam and it is at the mouth of the beautiful Han River. Danang is one of the most important port cities in Vietnam and it has so many things to see and experience, it's also a great weekend away to enjoy some nice dining and entertainment. Which in Vietnam generally means Karaoke!

This trip to Da Nang was specifically to visit the famous Rong Cao, commonly known as the Dragon Bridge, the newest of the 6 bridges that cross the Han River.

The Bridge spans the Han River and connects the city centre of Da Nang with the Son Tra Peninsula. It's a prominent landmark of Vietnam and an iconic symbol of the city of Da Nang with its unique and impressive design, famous for its dragon-like structure with a large steelhead and tail.

The vibrant colours of the TET decorations that surround the magnificent Giant Dragon Bridge . Vietnam

The bridge is 666 meters long and has six lanes and the use of 6 in these figures is no mistake. Six is considered a lucky number in Vietnam and tied to good fortune.

In Vietnamese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. The Bridge's design pays homage to this symbolism, representing the spirit of the city and its forward-looking aspirations.

Although having driven over its 100's of times, I had never visited at night, never taken the time to enjoy the entertainment that surrounds this landmark at night and to witness the dragon in action.

A Giant blue Dragon Bridge crossing the River in Vietnam. With its magical illuminous body and the lights that cover the Ha River.
The magnificent Dragon Bridge at night

The bridge is illuminated with 2500 vibrant LED lights and spectacular lighting effects displayed in perfect sequence. One of the most exciting features of the Dragon Bridge is its ability to breathe both fire and water. At 9.30 pm on weekends and special occasions, the bridge hosts captivating fire and water shows, where fire propels from the dragon's mouth during the evening performance, followed by jets shooting water which guarantees a shower for all who come to watch the event standing under the dragon's head.

The Dragon Bridge , the Love Lock Bridge, The beautifully illuminated Ha River
Da Nang on a beautiful evening.

It offers a unique blend of cultural significance, modern architecture, and great entertainment. The bridge is closed to traffic for 15 minutes allowing spectators to stand on the road to experience this wonder. A photographer's dream is to have the opportunity to get some fantastic shots and enjoy the panoramic views of the impressive Da Nang, and the coloured lights from the boats floating on the river.

Standing under the illuminated head of the iconic Dragon Bridge. A woman standing under with arms loaded with colourful balloons for sale.

A head of a giant  Dragon spraying water to the watching crowd. It is the Dragon Bridge at nightt

In the evening there is a lot of activity around the bridge with markets and entertainers, river cruises, karaoke, and an abundance of great restaurants to enjoy, or take a seat by the Ha River and enjoy a meal from one of the many street stalls.

Trays of eggs with chickens hatching from the food vendor on the street
Hatching chicken eggs

One million dong / $70 AU

One 100 thousand dong / $7 AU

Cheap as chips!

Trays of colourful seafood. from blue prawns , octopus legs and  squid
BBQ time!

Stroll along the love lock bridge in the evening, an array of luminous red hearts light up the path along the Ha River, and if you are into it, you can attach your own personalized love lock to the bridge. The Vietnamese are extremely family-orientated people and they always welcome the company of others. Spending time out and socializing with them is always a great pleasure.

Whether you're interested in witnessing the fire & water shows, capturing stunning photographs, or simply experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Da Nang, Dragon Bridge is a must-visit destination in Vietnam.

A man dressed as an oriental monkey from the vibrant TET parade in Danang. Veitanm
TET celebrations under the Dragon Bridge

You never know who you will encounter in this city filled with such unique people, like this lovely soul I met while walking the Ha River one morning. With a shot of whiskey in condensed milk and a tube of super glue, she waits for the heel to stick on her party shoes before she is off to go do it all again.

Woman in Vibrant orange dress by the river

After the Dragon show take a wander to the Market just below the bridge entry, it has everything you could imagine and a variety of great BBQ vendors, even hosting a tranny bingo game for locals, and yes, I did attend, winning a whopping 200 000 dong!

People posing in front of a stage. with colourful lights.
The winners of the the Trans Bingo game

While in Da Nang

Head out to My Khe (10 Min), the beachside is full of high-rise hotels, seafood restaurants, seaside bars and bustling markets. And if you're lucky, you may even find a wave... If you are lucky!

Beach front, the sun, palm trees and crystal blue ocean waters.

Take a short drive to climb Marble Mountain, it is filled with interesting caves, statues, and stunning Buddhist temples. Climbing through the caves and temples is fascinating and once you reach the top, you can enjoy amazing panoramic views of Da Nang's coastline. There is a minimal entrance fee and it is well worth the visit, ending the day browsing through the many captivating marble shops.

Visit Han Market, known as the “tourist market”, the bottom floor is mostly food, spices, and other various market items. While the 2nd floor is a massive clothing emporium.

Con Market is a little more local and has a whole different atmosphere, the street food inside is some of the cheapest and most delicious you’ll find in all of Da Nang.

From My Khe beach, you can see the Lady Buddha Statue, the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam. Standing at 67 meters tall, 17 floors, each dedicated to a different Buddha. A short drive from Da Nang and easily visited by motorbike. There is no entrance fee, the grounds and view of Danang from the statue are remarkable.

Giant statue of Lady Buddha and the white cloud in the sky
Lady Buddha

Explore Son Tra Peninsula, where Lady Buddha is located and a beautiful area to visit in Da Nang. There are several pull-off points with great views and beaches that you can drive down to and spend the afternoon. Son Tra is also home to many monkeys including the rare Red Shanked Douc.

A  little monkey of many colours and a beard sitting on a branch.
Pic by Nature Rules 1

Son Tra Peninsula,On the hill overlooking the ocean
View from Son Tra Peninsula,

Ba Na Hills has become synonymous with Da Nang Drawing many travelers for the pictures alone. The Golden Bridge, being held up by giant hands! The history of this magical place in the mountains is quite interesting, it was actually foundered by French colonists as a place to escape the heat and once held over 200 villas. Ba Na Hills is one hour from Da Nang and to get to the French village you'll take one of the world's largest cable car rides which is 20'000 feet in length.

A giant pair of stone hands holding a golden bridge  on the edge of the mountain.
The Golden Hand Bridge

- 12go is a great app to compare different train and bus routes around Vietnam

- For the Solo female traveler, Danang is a big city and my suggestion is to just

find a GRAB motorbike, they will get you anywhere around Danang, and much faster than a car for just a few dollars.

- It is extremely safe in Da Nang and as everywhere I have travelled to in Vietnam, the people are wonderful, fun, kind and obliging.

- The Dragon Bridge is free.

- Arrive early and find your spot, once they stop the traffic the road fills with pedestrians within seconds.

The Aim in life is to live

and to live means to be aware,

joyously, drunkenly, serenely & divinely aware.

Henry Miller

a pic of two crossed feet with a magnificent water view and sunset
The Ha River. Da Nang

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