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Burano Island and its own leaning Tower- Venice

Within the Venetian Lagoon lies this creative,

and quirky little island of wonder.

While making a trip around Europe, I was excited to spend a week in Venice.

Who would ever have imagined ... me, strolling around the streets of Veneto!

Traveling by train from Rome, it was a lovely scenic trip, taking only about 4 hours. I was using my 10 trip Euro travel pass which I found fabulous, making it very easy, organized, and a more economical way to travel by rail.

I'll never forget that surreal feeling, arriving by train and walking out of the station to see an incredible floating city before me.

Bringing a long list of things that I wanted to do while there, from exploring temples and palaces to the surrounding Islands of Venice. I could not wait to experience the romance of this hypnotic city, ending with a morning of designer shopping and an evening of opera and fine dining.

Hey... only in Venice!

Taking a day away from the bustle of the city, I ventured out for a little Island hopping. I took a boat from F.te Nove "A", ferry wharf across to the picturesque island of Burano, in the Venetian lagoon. It was a town I had always wanted to see for myself.

First over to Murano Island, which is famous around the world for its exquisite Murano glass, then onto the tiny Island of Torcello. Mazzorbo is a small Island equally as picturesque as Burano and they are linked by a long wooden bridge known as the "Ponte Longo".

Arriving at Burano Island was incredible, I was already charmed even before stepping onto the cobblestone path. I was mesmerized by the island's famous brightly painted houses rising from the water like a kaleidoscope. With its narrow alleys, canals, and laundry hung from the windows, fluttering in the wind.

The locals take pride in their homes, which have been passed down through generations. They compete in a riot of colours creating a scene from a postcard.

It has a big aesthetic appeal and is a photographer's delight.

While walking along the many cobblestone paths, admiring this unique little town, be sure to try the delectable, giant gelatos in every flavor imaginable. Not quite up there with the supersized lemon gelatos from Amalfi, but they came very close.

There are many quaint little shops to browse through that are filled with very impressive homemade items. The locals of Burano are filled with creativity, and surprisingly this little Island is full of many hidden talents with another being its traditional cuisine.

Burano offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural and artistic tradition.

It's a must to see the Island's Church of San Martino with its unique character, adorned with beautiful paintings and sculptures, showing the religious heritage of the region. Its quirkiness adds to the charm.

The church features an amazing leaning Bell Tower (Campanile). The tower is a renaissance style architecture, built in the eighteenth century. It tilts due to the movement of the soil. Interestingly, I was told that not many tourists even notice this historic leaning tower until it is pointed out.

This Campanile is Italy's other, less famous "Leaning Tower."

Burano is also renowned for its intricate lacemaking heritage that dates back to the 16th century. Burano lace is well known as Venetian lace and the process is extremely intricate and time-consuming, involving threads of the finest linen weaved into intricate patterns and designs. This lace has been made on Burano for centuries and is some of the finest in the world. This skill has been handed down for generations and the demand for Venetian lace is still great today.

On the Island is the lace museum which was interesting to see, and you can even book a lace-making class in the Island's lace factory.

Observing the local women gathered outside their houses, spending hours weaving beautiful lace and exchanging stories, is truly a unique experience.

I ended my trip to Burano with a visit to the most famous and colorful house on the island, Bepi's house (Bepi Sua). Bepi lived his entire life on Burano, and he was always painting his house with an array of different geometrical and vibrant colored designs. Many years ago, he was known and loved for hanging a sheet on the wall of his house used to project cartoons for the island's children to enjoy. Since passing, his house has become even more famous, yet the external facade remains unchanged.

Things to do while out on the Venetian Lagoon.

When in Venice, you must take a trip out to Murano Island, famous for its Murano Glass. See the exquisite works by some of the most renowned glass blowers in the world. Visit the Glass Museum and learn about its history. There is also the Murano glass factory tour where you can enjoy a glass-blowing class, but be sure to book ahead. Entry into the Museum is $30.

Next stop is the small Island of Torocello to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta. This basilica is renowned for its Venetian-Byzantine mosaics and offers stunning views of Burano from its bell tower. Despite having a population of only around 30 people, it can get crowded with tourists during the summer months eager to see this beloved landmark.

Mazzorbo wine estate is home to the Walled vineyards which are open to the public. Getting to the Estate is simple as it is just beyond the bridge that connects the two Islands. It is absolutely beautiful and home to the aromatic Dorona di Venezia grape. Do the wine tour if you're on Mazzorbo, that is absolutely a must do and loads of fun!

My week in Venice was amazing, and I did manage to tick off many things on my list. The beauty of Venice is like no other, but this remarkable, colourful little town remains one of my favorite Islands.

"Search for the beauty that can be found

in even the smallest corners of the world"


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