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Best beach restaurant in An bang, Hoi an. Vietnam

An bang Sea and Sand Restaurant

When it comes to Hoi an there is certainly an abundance to see and experience in the magnificent old town. But let's not forget our quality time to relax in the sun, sea, and sand, and what perfect place to do so than the amazing An bang beach. Situated only minutes away from Hoi an, it is in fact a little slice of paradise.

After spending several years in Hoi an it is only fitting that I should write about my favorite place on An bang beach and a must while you are in Vietnam.

While as for beachfront beach chairs and eateries along the stretch of this beach there are many, but none stand out like this one.

After so long here it's been like a second home, and for me a daily ritual for the soul to spend time and rejuvenate here. It is a family-run business and Tinh is a very funny man indeed. The attention to detail and the willingness to cater to your every need while there is second to none. It's not hard to feel like you're a part of their little family while you are there!

But what makes it so amazing? The menu is perfect and offers an extensive range of Vietnamese and western foods. The cocktail and beverage range are plentiful catering to all you could wish for. There are comfortable beach lounges on the water's edge where they will wait on you willingly or you can choose to take time out in the outdoor beach restaurant in the shade as you watch the waves roll in. They have surfboard hire at a very minimal price. The ladies of the beach selling their items will not push you to buy but instead, let you know what they have to offer if you wish to buy a gift or something to remember your experience in this magnificent part of the country. They also sell a great range of sunscreen if needed and the restaurant has a shower to rinse off, a hand wash bay, and a toilet. What more could you need?

How to get there - just minutes away from Hoi an, making your way to An bang beach you can find it just 100 meters down from the deckhouse restaurant or simply pop in into your google maps.

Prices - Cheap! Beer would set you back about $1 with a selection from the extensive cocktail range setting you back a mere $3 to $4 and trust me the list is extensive.

Meals - range from $3 to $7 with everything from curries, fresh tuna salad, hamburgers, and stir-fries. The seafood is magnificent including crab, scallops, and squid just to name a few! I think by now I have taste-tested the entire menu and have never ordered anything I didn't love. The quality of the meals is superb.

Surfboard hire - $9

Kid and Dog friendly


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